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The WDS 2024 Exhibition, organized by the General Directorate of Military Industries of Saudi Arabia (GAMI) between February 4-8, 2024 in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, is patronized by King Salman Bin ABDULAZIZ Al Saud of Saudi Arabia.

The World Defense Show, which took place in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, completed the exhibition by hosting Turkish companies with all its energy.

ASELSAN, with its product range including military and some civilian solutions, is one of the companies that attracted a lot of attention at the exhibition.

With its motivation of “Embarking on a journey of innovation” at this show, the company showcases unique defense solutions and highlights new additional capabilities to existing well-known systems.

ASELSAN is proud to be represented at World Defense Show 2024 with its broad spectrum of solutions and the team is excited to meet again with professionals around the world. The display of ASELSAN at World Defense Show includes a wide range of systems inter alia air defense, communication, security systems, electronic warfare and electro optics solutions, and many more.

Memorandum of understanding between TAI and EDGE: TAI signed a memorandum of understanding with the UAE-based defense company EDGE Group to develop cooperation and carry out joint activities.

The MoU represents a joint commitment to the integration of payloads and sensors developed by EDGE into TAI platforms. With the MoU, the two companies will transfer information to each other within the scope of intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) activities.

Roketsan signed a cooperation agreement with The Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia at World Defense Show.

ROKETSAN took its place at WDS 2024, which has a significant export potential for ROKETSAN, to exhibit the latest technology products exported to four continents around the world. During the exhibition, ROKETSAN aims to open the door to new collaborations by holding meetings with important delegations and industry representatives. While providing added value to Turkey’s economic power with the new collaborations to be established here, it also aims to make positive contributions to Türkiye-Saudi Arabia relations.

Sarsılmaz participated in the World Defense Show: Sarsılmaz Silah participated in the World Defense Show (WDS), held for the second time in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, between February 4-8 with 85 weapon models.

Sarsılmaz exhibited 66 pistols, 14 military rifles, and 5 machine gun models at the exhibition. The SAR9, SAR9 SC, K12 SPORT model pistols, as well as the heavy machine gun SAR 127 MT and the machine gun SAR 762 MT, which can be integrated into military vehicles, attracted great interest at Sarsılmaz’s stand.

TEI at World Defense Show: TEI, which manufactures engines that are the heart of domestic and national platforms and provides critical parts for the world’s most preferred engine programs, participated in the World Defense Show held in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.

TEI exhibited its indigenous engines TEI-TF6000, TEI-TS1400, and TEI-PD170 at the 2nd World Defense Show, where the giants of the global defense industry came together. Attended by tens of thousands of industry professionals from around the world, TEI held many meetings for new collaborations.

STM showcased its indigenously developed military naval platforms and tactical mini UAV systems at the World Defense Show (WDS) held in Saudi Arabia between February 4-8, 2024.

STM introduced the Saudi Arabia region to Türkiye’s first national frigate project, the İ Class Frigate, the Navy Fleet Tanker Project (PNFT) being built for the Pakistan Navy, Türkiye’s first small-sized national submarine project STM500.

From among STM’s tactical mini-UAV systems, KARGU, Türkiye’s first national attack UAV that has been exported to nearly 10 countries on three different continents to date; Mini UAV BOYGA with Mortar Payload, which was added to the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) inventory 2022; and fixed-wing attack UAV ALPAGU also took their places at the STM stand.

MKE attracted great interest from international delegations at the World Defense Show, where it exhibited its weapons and ammunition productions.

At the World Defense Show 2024, HAVELSAN showcased its cutting-edge defense technologies. These include advanced solutions such as electronic warfare systems, naval combat management systems, and cybersecurity platforms. The company aims to demonstrate its expertise in providing innovative defense solutions to meet the evolving challenges faced by modern armed forces.

FNSS, a Turkish defense company, has introduced an upgraded version of its PARS armored vehicle, named PARS Alpha. This new iteration features enhanced firepower with larger gun options, including a 105mm cannon, and increased protection. The PARS Alpha is designed to meet the evolving needs of modern warfare, offering improved capabilities to military forces worldwide.

Otokar, a Turkish defense manufacturer, in collaboration with Leonardo, has unveiled the TULPAR, a new light tank solution. This vehicle combines Otokar’s expertise in armored vehicle design with Leonardo’s advanced technologies. The TULPAR aims to meet the requirements of modern military operations, offering a versatile and capable platform for various battlefield scenarios.

Lacroix Defense showcased its upgraded soft-kill vehicle protection system, Lacroix2. This advanced system provides enhanced defense capabilities against various threats, including guided missiles and rockets. The Lacroix2 system is designed to offer improved survivability for armored vehicles and is poised to contribute to the protection of military assets in modern warfare scenarios.

BAE Protector Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) as part of its demonstration at the Defense Services Asia (DSA) event. The Protector USV, developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, is designed to offer advanced maritime security capabilities. Its inclusion in the WDS demonstration underscores the growing importance of unmanned systems in naval operations and highlights the innovative solutions being developed by defense companies to address modern security challenges.

Allen Vanguard Scorpion electronic countermeasures (ECM) system has been the subject of increased attention following a recent deal. This deal, which provides more detail, underscores the system’s significance in countering emerging threats such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The Scorpion ECM system is designed to offer advanced capabilities in neutralizing hostile drones, enhancing the protection of military and civilian assets against potential airborne threats.

Teledyne FLIR, a leading defense technology company, has developed a new large Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System (CUAS), which it showcased at the World Defense Show 2024. This CUAS is specifically designed for military applications and is set to bolster war-bound capabilities. With increasing concerns about drone threats, Teledyne FLIR’s new CUAS presents a significant advancement in defense technology to mitigate these risks effectively.

The first NIDAR CUAS (Counter Unmanned Aerial System) has been unveiled for combat ships. Developed by Aselsan, a Turkish defense company, NIDAR CUAS is designed to provide advanced protection against unmanned aerial threats. This system represents a significant advancement in maritime defense capabilities, offering enhanced security for naval vessels in combat scenarios.

In addition, with partnership with Aselsan, Ares Shipyard has showcased the ULAQ unmanned surface vessel (USV) armed with the ÇAKIR cruise missile. This demonstration highlights the increasing role of unmanned systems in naval operations, offering enhanced capabilities for surveillance and offensive missions. The ULAQ USV equipped with the ÇAKIR cruise missile provides a versatile and cost-effective solution for naval forces seeking to bolster their maritime capabilities.

The MARSS Interceptor MR, a drone designed for counter-drone operations, is nearing production according to recent reports. Developed by Elettronica, an Italian defense company, the Interceptor MR boasts advanced capabilities to effectively neutralize hostile drones. With its imminent production, the Interceptor MR is poised to enhance defense capabilities against the growing threat of unmanned aerial vehicles in various operational scenarios.

Fincantieri, an Italian shipbuilding company, has unveiled its modular FCX30 frigate concept, aiming to secure an order from Saudi Arabia. The FCX30 design emphasizes modularity, enabling customization to meet specific mission requirements. Fincantieri is positioning the frigate as a versatile and adaptable solution for modern naval operations, catering to the evolving needs of maritime defense.

Lockheed Martin has finalized subcontractor agreements in Saudi Arabia to enable local production of parts for the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system. These agreements mark a significant step toward bolstering Saudi Arabia’s defense industry capabilities and promoting self-sufficiency in defense production. By fostering partnerships with local companies, Lockheed Martin aims to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of THAAD system production while supporting the Kingdom’s economic growth and national security objectives.

At the World Defense Show 2024, KNDS showcased its RapidFire artillery system. This innovative system combines a 155mm gun with an automated reloading feature, enabling rapid and continuous firing. The RapidFire system offers enhanced mobility and firepower, making it a valuable asset for modern military operations.

Milkor, a South African defense company, has showcased a novel manned-unmanned convertible vessel at the World Defense Show 2024. This innovative vessel can operate in both manned and unmanned configurations, offering flexibility and versatility for various maritime missions. The vessel’s design reflects advancements in naval technology and highlights Milkor’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for maritime defense.

BAE Systems has revealed the T-650 heavy-lift unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) at the World Defense Show 2024. Designed for rescue operations, this UAV boasts impressive capabilities for lifting heavy payloads and conducting operations in challenging environments. With its advanced technology and robust design, the T-650 promises to be a valuable asset for emergency response teams and military forces engaged in search and rescue missions.

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