European Defense Through Increased Cooperation

The European Union (EU) has been slowly but steadily increasing its defense cooperation in recent years. This is due to a number of factors, including the rise of new security threats, such as terrorism and cyberwarfare, and the increasing pressure on national budgets.

The European Defense Through Increased Cooperation

There are a number of benefits to EU defence cooperation. First, it can help to reduce the duplication of effort and resources. Second, it can help to improve the interoperability of European forces. Third, it can help to strengthen Europe’s voice on the global stage.

The Challenges of EU Defence Cooperation

There are also a number of challenges to EU defence cooperation. One challenge is the lack of political will. There is still a strong sense of national sovereignty in many European countries, which makes it difficult to reach a consensus on common defence projects.

Another challenge is the lack of funding. Defence is a costly undertaking, and many European countries are struggling to meet their current defence spending commitments. This makes it difficult to invest in new defence capabilities.

Supporting the European Defense Fund

MEPs have shown strong support for the establishment and development of the European Defense Fund (EDF). The EDF aims to facilitate cooperative defence projects by providing financial support to joint research and development initiatives. By investing in collaborative defence projects through the EDF, EU member states can leverage their collective expertise, resources, and capabilities, resulting in enhanced defence capabilities for Europe as a whole.

The Future of EU Defence Cooperation

The future of EU defence cooperation is uncertain. However, there are a number of factors that suggest that it will continue to grow in importance. These factors include the increasing security threats facing Europe, the pressure on national budgets, and the growing sense of European identity.


EU defence cooperation is a complex and challenging issue. However, it is also an issue that is essential for the future of European security. The EU must overcome the challenges it faces and continue to develop its defence cooperation if it wants to be able to meet the security challenges of the 21st century.


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